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The Reese name has meant Pest control since 1950's. Let Premium Pest Control help to control many household and outdoor pests as well as help you to maintain a beautiful green lawn. Nobody likes to see roaches crawling in their home. Let us get rid of roaches for you with our one year guarantee. If any of our services fail to keep your home free of the pests we treated your home for, we'll re-service it for free! Protect your family from stinging and biting insects and spiders.

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Pest Control Flea Control Lawn Service


Spiders are amazing creatures, and common in homes during warm weather.


Cockroaches are no only undesirable pests but are a threat to our health when they consume our food.


Ants invade homes looking for food, water and shelter. Show them they are not welcome in your home.


Don't let bugs scare you in your own home.


Premium Pest Control offer humane and effective products designed to solve your rodent problem.


Call us for all your pest control problems.

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