Once A Year Pest Program

"We only come into your house one time a year!"


  • Eliminate pests and their nests indoors.
  • Eliminate pests and their nests outdoors.
  • Create barriers to eliminate entry points.
  • Leave protections against bugs that find their way inside.
All of our home treatments are placed in safe out-of-the-way places. The weather won't affect them and your children and pets can't get to them.


Roach & Ant Baits
Placed around trees, mulch sites, firewood, plant beds and other breeding sites.

Set in the soil and shrubbery next to your house. They protect breeding grounds and home access points.

Clear-Drying Liquids
Spread around doors, windows and other entry points.

Outdoor exterminators
Yard lawn pest control services


Long Lasting Powders
Installed in cracks and crevices, including your attic and other hollow, out-of-the-way places.

Roach, Ant and Residual Baits
Positioned under major appliances in your kitchen, garage and bathroom. Also placed behind key light switches, wall plates, drawers, cabinets and other hidden places inside your home.

No Bug is safe When You Use Premium Pest Control's Once-A-Year Pest Control!
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